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We have been throughly impressed with your program. It has been wonderful to have P there. He has learned so much. Thank you so much for all the love and attention you have given to him. We are so grateful for you and all of your staff. It has been an outstanding experience all around!


What an incredible place Pinard is and how thankful we are for how well you all have taken care of P for the last 1.5 years! He means the world to us, and as parents, we think the people at Pinard also think the world of him and love him, and there is nothing in the world more valuable than that kind of peace of mind.  Anie is a truly special educator and person, and your whole team is excellent.  
I grew up just a few blocks from Pinard, and our neighborhood really needed and needs a place like Pinard - it's a great school, a great business, and we are huge supporters of the school.  I am hopeful that P's brothers will have the chance to study with you at Pinard, and am so thankful for the experience we have had.  


Throughout F's time at Pinard, we've seen so much growth and happiness. We truly appreciate the care and love you've shown her. It's been clear to us how much she loves being there, and having a place we could trust meant the world to us.


I wanted to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude for the wonderful care and attention you've provided to A during her time at Pinard Nursery.

It's been incredibly heartwarming to witness her growth and development under your guidance. Your dedication to nurturing her has truly made a positive impact on her. We've seen her flourish in so many ways, and we're immensely grateful for the supportive environment you've created.

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